Show Us Your Moves: Abby Cosplays Shampoo from Ranma 1/2!

Name: Abby Fellows from Human Sushi Cosplay

Facebook: humansushicosplay

Style and Color: Persephone in Classic Purple (discontinued) and a 35″ extension

Character: Shampoo from Ranma 1/2: Niaho my Concubine 

“The base wig was sprayed down with Motion Sheen Oil spray to help prevent tangling.  The bangs of the wig were trimmed and then teased and hair sprayed at the base to create the voluminous look.  The side locks were sectioned off and trimmed to the correct length.  The hair buns are made from one 4″ styrofoam ball cut in half.  Each half of styrofoam was covered in purple felt.  I then (slowly) hot glued small sections of the 30″ extension around the styrofoam halves.  I ended up doing 2 layers of wig fiber because I wanted really thorough coverage.  When the buns were complete, they were hot glued to the base wig and the base wig fiber was arranged as naturally as possible around the buns.
I love working with Epic Cosplay wigs!  The colors are beautiful and the wigs are always very thick.  I thought I would have to add extra fiber to the bangs to get the voluminous look that Shampoo has, but they were perfect without any extra extensions.  The shipping is always very quick, which is great if you’re on a deadline.  Thanks so much for the wonderful customer service!”

Photographer: Human Sushi Cosplay

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