Sora Cosplay Wig from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Name: TokuDoku

EpicCosplay wig: Persephone in Light Brown

This Sora cosplay wig was pretty well abused over the process of styling it. First it was cut at 1/3rd length and the extra 2/3rd were sewed into wefts and then reattached back into the wig. The spikes were styled with got2b hairspray with clear fabric glue at the tips to hold them in place. This is the second Epic Cosplay wig that my friend LibraCosplay has sculpted into SquareEnix style and there is no other brand she or I would rather use.

Photographer: LibraCosplay

Sora-Kingdom-Hearts-Dream-Drop-Distance-3Sora-Kingdom-Hearts-Dream-Drop-Distance-2 Sora-Kingdom-Hearts-Dream-Drop-Distance-4

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