Show Us Your Moves: Orah’s Cosplay Cosplays as Rikku!

Orah’s Cosplay submitted a Show Us Your Moves submission of her sister cosplaying as Rikku from Final Fantasy X! To get Rikku’s hairstyle she styled our Dione Wig in Natural Blonde (discontinued)! Check out her entry below!

Character: Rikku

Series: Final Fantasy X

Wig used: Dione- 22″ Natural Blonde Curly Midpart Cosplay Wig


How this wig was styled

A lot of work went into this baby. First step was straightening out the curls, and then I stretch the wig as far as it would go on a foam head. I flipped the wig to the side using a wig grip and pulled it into a high pony tail. I slightly layered the ends and parted some of the hair so that I could put it into two braids in the back. I then cut the sides to make bangs and sprayed the whole thing with hair spray. The midpart actually was what I needed and made this wig look more natural!

My little sister loves cosplaying Rikku and she has such a fun time being her. My little sister has only been cosplaying for a year now and will start sewing her own outfits soon!

I really love EpicCosplay’s midpart wigs for there use in creating a more natural look. This wig was so thick that I didn’t even have to add in extensions which was a huge plus.

Thanks EpicCosplay for another wonderful wig!

-Orah’s Cosplay

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