Sakura Matou from Fate Stay Night

Sakura Matou in real life! Bomb Shell Cosplay does an amazing job at bringing one of the Masters of the Fate series into our world with this soft casual look. The 5th grail war, aka Fate Stay Night, is one of many iterations of the Master/Servant where the spirits of heros and legends past fight for their Master’s to win the Holy Grail. With so many characters and amazing designs to pick from we think Bomb Shell did an amazing Skaura Matou.

This master of the  Rider Medusa is sporting our Hestia wig in Violet Purple for a soft look for this lovely heroine. While Violet Purple may look a little light, it goes amazingly with the more casual, soft look being cosplayed here. Just brush out the wig to soften the curls of the Hestia out of the bag. You can also straighten the Hestia with a flat iron if you would prefer. Just be sure to follow the instructions in our buyer’s guide for the correct temperature and techniques.

This cosplay was a submission for our Show Us Your Moves contest. Make sure to check out the other entrants here!


Name: Bomb Shell Cosplay

EpicCosplay Wig: Hestia in Violet Purple

Photographer: Ivan Aburto




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