Princess Luna Gijinka from My Little Pony

Name: Jessica, usually known as ShinobiXikyu at cons

Epic Cosplay wig: Dionysus Wig in Dark Blue

Cosplay: A Princess Luna Gijinka from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The wig is simply styled; the bangs are swept over with lots of hairspray in each layer to resemble Luna’s mane forelock, the rest left loose and unstyled under a sparkly veil/crown that matches the wig colour. Epiccosplay was a lifesaver for me! I had originally ordered a similar wig months ago for the costume, then realized with only a month to the con when I tried it on, it was WAY too small and the top was screwed up. I couldn’t possibly work with it and had to rush-order a whole new wig. It took me a grand total of twenty minutes when I got onto epiccosplay for the first time to make an account and buy this wig and I had it at my house in a week (I’m from Canada, so all shipping takes longer, and I didn’t have so little time that I needed the overnight option:P). And now I barely buy wigs from anywhere else, this wig is wonderful, it never tangles and is very comfy.

Photographer: Everage Studios

dionysus-epic-cosplay-wig-luna-1 dionysus-epic-cosplay-wig-luna-2 dionysus-epic-cosplay-wig-luna-3

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