Ponytail Wig Restyling Guide

Our Ponytail wig is one of our most versatile styles! It is constructed out of a base wig and pulled back into a short ponytail. It’s so easy to adapt this wig into different looks in just minutes! Here’s how!

Ponytail tutorial
A 22″ long removable fall is attached to the base wig to create a lighter and easier to manage ponytail style that can be changed up with ease.

How to restyle our Ponytail wig:

1.Remove the fall attached to the wig by untying the ribbon and removing the comb.

2.Take off the ponytail elastic.

3. Restyle the ponytail with a rubber band at the desired height.

4. Reattach the fall by sliding the comb up over the rubber band and into the hair.

5. Wrap the ribbon around the ponytail to secure it in place.

Now you have a new look! Restyle this wig to meet your needs. You can attach a clip-on for more volume, add wefting, use it as a base for buns, and so much more!

Find all the colors it’s available in here: https://tinyurl.com/ECponytail

Happy Styling!


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