Halloween Contest Entry: Tohma as Yue

Tohma entered our Halloween Contest in her Yue cosplay from Cardcaptor Sakura! While she purchased her base wig from another seller she utilized a package of our 30″ silver extensions to complete the style she needed. Check out her pictures and story down below!

Cosplay Handle (if applicable): Tohma
Location: United States
Cosplay or Costume Name: Yue
Series Name: Cardcaptor Sakura
Style Name or link to wig: Wig was purchased through ebay with a 30 inch silver extension bought from you

description of why you chose to cosplay that character: I love Cardcaptor Sakura and Yue has been a dream cosplay of mine for years.  I wanted to make sure when I did it that I knew what I was doing so I waited and planned out how to do the wings and the costume over the course of a couple years.

how you went about buying or creating the costume: The costume itself was fairly easy. I just modified the pattern of a long tunic top to include the four panels and then hand made all of my trim.  The purple on the costume is all swimwear knit that I added resin cast piece to. The big circle at the top i also resin.  The wings are on a pvc base and just covered with a sheer fabric and ostrich feathers. I used a wooden board with nails in it to create the shape of the wings around and just heated up the pvc with a heat gun to bend it.  The wings go into a back harness that is made into a corset that I created and wear beneath the layers. The harness just has pvc couplings in it to hold the wings in place.  The wig is a wig that comes to about my mid-back and then I added the extension to it so that it would flow to the ground.

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