Guy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss

Name: Bossbot

EpicCosplay wig: Apollo in Natural Blonde

Once I got the wig out of the bag, I shook it out and started the flattening process. This wig is extremely fluffy, which is GREAT when making spiked styles and ridiculously big hair. I combed half the wig to the left, and made spikes using styling wax on the body and Got2B glued on the tips only. This prevents the hair from drying a darker shade than the rest of the wig. I trimmed the ends of the spikes to the appropriate length, and smoothed down the back with a gentle spray of the Got2B Glued. This holds everything in place and ensures no flyaways escape! The wig is really comfortable itself, and holds shape very well. The thickness is perfect if you’re looking for a good solid spiking base.

Photographer: Hey Bad Cat Productions




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