Elsa from Disney’s Frozen

Name: Bossbot

EpicCosplay Wig:
Eros in Natural Blonde

I got this wig when I went to Katsucon a couple years ago, and it was actually my first EpicCosplay wig! I was greeted by an enthusiastic employee and went home very happy. Originally when I styled it, I just pulled the front bangs back in sections and glued them down after trimming them to keep them from falling forward. I heat set them, but I found then that I was unsatisfied with the hairline. Thankfully I had a wig of an identical colour (another brand) that I could chop and use as a new faux hairline. This wig says Lace Front alternative, but if you want to do any major open hairlines like Elsa’s? Prepare for wefting and lots of gluing. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the wig. Its length is great, the thickness as well. It’s comfortable and sits well on my head. It’s not overly shiny either, which is something I have a hard time with in terms of wigs. EpicCosplay seems to have found a happy medium with their fibres, making them appear both natural and character accurate.

Photos 1 and 2 by: Katya Perin
Photos 3 and 4 by: Martie B

Anna by Scarlet Cosplay

elsa-frozen-disney-cosplay-1 elsa-frozen-disney-cosplay-2 elsa-frozen-disney-cosplay-3 elsa-frozen-disney-cosplay-4

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