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Ellie Wisteria

EpicCosplay Wig: Phoebe in Natural Blonde for Eli Ayase cosplay


What a sharp and impressive Eli Ayase cosplay! Fans of Love Live know Eli Ayase as a well-respected role model at Otonokizaka High School. This former student council president gives off a strict first impression with a kind and supportive nature beneath. She serves as a capable choreographer for μ’s thanks to her knowledge and experience with ballet.

Below, cosplayer Ellie Wisteria gives useful background information about this Eli Ayase cosplay. After that, keep reading to learn even more about the Phoebe wig from Epic Cosplay.

I used the Phoebe wig in the color Natural Blonde with a clip on ponytail for the character Eli Ayase from Love Live in the Wonderful Rush set. This photo was taken at Anime Boston 2018 by Chelle Belle Cosplay

Behind the Style: Eli Ayase Cosplay Wig

As described above, Ellie Wisteria used the Phoebe wig from Epic Cosplay as a base for this style. Phoebe is a medium-length wig designed specifically with flawless ponytails in mind, perfect for an Eli Ayase cosplay. Out of the package, the wig comes with a short ponytail already pulled back and ready to wear. If the 7” ponytail base isn’t long enough, this wig also includes a 22” clip-in extension that you can add or remove as needed.

Everything about this wig makes a great match for an Eli Ayase cosplay. The pre-cut bangs are a great match for the character. Long side bangs measure at 15” long, easily trimmed or left long for the elegant look pictured here. Phoebe easily withstands heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit for use with styling tools like flatirons and curlers. You can see how this wig has been styled for excellent volume.

Natural Blonde is a very versatile choice and looks great with this outfit. Epic Cosplay also offers a range of other blondes to suit different styles of Eli Ayase cosplay. For example, those seeking a vibrant yellow might like the Rich Butterscotch Blonde. If you want to experiment with custom dyes, the Platinum Blonde serves as a nice light base.

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