Axel from Kingdom Hearts 2

Name: Libra

Epic Cosplay wig: Nyx in Apple Red (Apple Red has been replaced with Apple Red Mix)

This wig styled like a dream. I probably put it through Hell and back again with cutting it, gluing it, Got2B-ing it, and it holds up fabulously. The Axel hairline was challenging by nature and the way that the wig just took it all like a champion and it is really fabulous. The hairline was then also painted to give it the gradient effect that Axel’s hair has (like hair that was dyed 2 months ago and now has really bad roots…). I can’t imagine a better wig for the project! Total time spent was over 40 hours.

Photography: Tokudoku

axel-kingdom-hearts-2-cosplay-wig-1 axel-kingdom-hearts-2-cosplay-wig-2 axel-kingdom-hearts-2-cosplay-wig-3 axel-kingdom-hearts-2-cosplay-wig-4

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