April Fool’s Contest Entry: Orah’s Cosplay and Twitchy Squirrel Cosplay as Paddra-Nsu Yeul and Caius Ballad

Orah’s Cosplay and Twitchy Squirrel Cosplay entered our April Fool’s Day Contest as Paddra-Nsu Yeul and Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII-2! Orah’s cosplay used our Persephone Wig in Gunmetal Grey for her Paddra-Nsu Yeul cosplay! While Twitchy Squirrel Cosplay did not use one of our wigs we recommend that you use our Nyx Wig in Classic Purple. Read on to check out their story!

Name of both cosplayers: Orah’s Cosplay & Twitchy Squirrel Cosplay

Series that you are cosplaying from: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Characters you are cosplaying as: Paddra-Nsu Yeul & Caius Ballad

Did you use an EpicCosplay wig? If so, what style?
Persephone- 40″ Gunmetal Grey Straight Long Cosplay

What inspired you to do these cosplays?
We both love cosplaying bad guy characters from Final Fantasy and these two where just too awesome to pass up. So we both took on the challenge of making them and fell in love with the desgins.

What got you into cosplay?Why do you love cosplay?

I fell in love with cosplay and started with Vanille after I learned that I could create something from nothing I was hooked. I fell in love with challenges that cosplaying brought and the joy it brought when I got my picture taken. It boosted my confidence and I am now addicited!!

Describe what prank you are completing or what is going on in the photograph. (In other words, what makes your submission qualified for this contest).If your photo does not demonstrate a prank, hat prank(s) have you done in this costume?

So a Lightning had kissed Caius on the cheek and after I had finished laughing I came up with this idea to show a jealous side of Yeul. So I punched Caius in the face and was lucky enough to get it captured by my favorite photographer. Thus making this my favorite derpy shot in the world.

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