April Fool’s Contest Entry: Chelsea as Harley Quinn

Chelsea Nytemare entered our April Fool’s Contest in her own original design of Harley Quinn from the Batman series! While she did not use one of our wigs we recommend that you purchase our Rhea Set in Natural Blonde and style the wig by trimming and dyeing the tips. Check out her story below!

Name of series: Batman

Charecters: I am Chelsea nytemare who is submitting into this contest and my charecter is a rivit style harley Quinn designed by myself. Batman is cosplayed by my friend mike sickles.

I did not use a epic cosplay wig :/

Name of both cosplayers: mike sickles and Chelsea nytemare (me submitting)

Series that you are cosplaying from: Batman

Characters you are cosplaying as: batman and Harley Quinn

Did you use an EpicCosplay wig? If so, what style? No

What inspired you to do these cosplays? I love comics and EDM music so I decided to combine them into my own style of cosplay. All handmade from scratch

What got you into cosplay? When I started watching anime and reading comics when I was 15 I was very interested in becoming the charecters I was reading about

Why do you love cosplay? I get to be someone else for a day and join others just like myself and forget about the world for that moment 🙂

Describe what prank you are completing or what is going on in the photograph. (In other words, what makes your submission qualified for this contest). I am about to hit batman with my mallet although the bats seems to think its all a big joke


If your photo does not demonstrate a prank, hat prank(s) have you done in this costume?

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