Announcing Our New Rewards Program!

Hey EpicCosplay fans! We’re always striving to make our customers happy. As such, we are excited to announce a new rewards system! This rewards system is free and easy to use, so stay tuned as we explain exactly how it works!

Before we cover that, we want to mention that there is one requirement to our rewards system. In order to take advantage of our rewards system you will need to register an account on our website ( This account is free to create and actually makes check out easier for you for future purchases. The reason we mandate registration is because our system will automatically update points from purchases. In order to update those points, the system needs to be able to recognize who did what purchases so that points can be awarded accordingly.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, time to explain exactly how the system works! Every time you make a purchase on EpicCosplay with your account, our system will automatically register your purchase into your previous purchases. You will get one point for every dollar you spend on our website and 10 points make up $1 in EpicCosplay store credit. In short form, 10% of every one of your purchases will be transformed into EpicCosplay store credit! This means that every time you purchase something from our website you get 10% off of your next purchase! Either that, or you can save up your store credits to get another wig, wefts, or other fun goodies! This store credit can be used to redeem any of the products on our website, so it’s pretty sweet!

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