Show Us Your Moves: Shelby Cosplays CL from 2ne1!

Name: Shelby (Cosplay Beat)

Facebook: shelby.moses.18 / cosplaybeat

Style and Color: Aether and Nyx in Caramel Blonde

Cosplay: CL from 2ne1 “I am the Best” Music Video

“I’ve been using epiccosplay wigs for about three years now and by far they are my favorite. Since they don’t tangle easily, it was a no brainer to use them to build the hair horns for this outfit. By using the extra short as a base and cutting extensions from the Nyx, I was able to get all the hair I needed! I wrapped the Nyx hair around styrofoam cones and then sewed the horns into the netting of the extra short! So many people came up for how I was able to do it, and I always said that the wig was easily completed due to the ease of the wigs!

I’ve also put some behind the scenes photos of me working on the wig, and a shot of the back of it!”

Photographer: Kay Chan

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