SUYM: Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2

Name: Michelle Mora // Mee-Shell Ma Belle Cosplay

Epic Cosplay wig: Chronos, 2 50″ clipon ponytails (50 inch clip ons discontinued), and 35″ weft extensions in Autumn Gold

Character: Rikku (Thief Dress Sphere) from Final Fantasy X-2

“The Chronos with was left alone, while I removed the wefts from one 50″ ponytail clip. Half of the harvested wefts were used for the braids along with the 30″ weft extensions while the other half was sewn into the remaining ponytail clip to thicken it up. I then trimmed and styled the thickened ponytail to the shape of Rikku’s hair and sewed in the braided wefts. To wear, I just put on the Chronos wig with the bangs center parted, place a blue headband on top, and clip in the giant ponytail and braids to the top of my head!”

Dazzling eyes Rikku 3 - Tiffanie Marie Rikku 4 - Tiffanie Marie

Photographer: Roget Ratchford and Tiffanie Marie Photography

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