Show Us Your Moves: Jen Cosplays Tifa from Final Fantasy VII!

Name: Jen a.k.a. Jukebox
Style and Color: Athena in Black
Character: Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII

“To style this wig, I trimmed the bangs to frame my face and help create a look that was glamorous and demure, but still kickass. I put the last few inches of the wig into a small ponytail with a length of ribbon to complete the look of recreating the character’s hair. It was really important to me to get Tifa’s gorgeous hair right when I made this costume, it was a dream project of mine since I was 15 and first played FF7. I felt so kickass and powerful in my cosplay and the wig really completed the look!”
Photography: Juan Leng aka IcePhoenix

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