SUYM: I-19 from Kantai Collection/Kancolle

Name: Julissa Gracia (ju-g cosplay)

Epic Cosplay wig: Nyx in Ice Blue

Character/Series: I-19 from kantai collection/kancolle

“I cut the bangs straight, then parted my wig into 2 small pony tails to the side and a big pony tail in the back. made a gradient look at the tips of the wig with pink sharpies. I’ve had a great experience with Epic Cosplay and gotten great wigs from them within 2-4 days after ordering!!”

untitled_by_thefigurebro_d7xsg1a_by_ju_g-d7ytls6 untitled_by_thefigurebro_d7xsfrf_by_ju_g-d7ytlla

Photographer: Noble Beast Photography

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