Show Us Your Moves: Ashbrie Cosplays Kanon from Wild Arms 2!

Name: Ashbrie

Facebook: Ashbrie.Cosplayer


Style and Color: Dionysus in Forest Green (discontinued)

Character: Kanon from Wild Arms 2

“Kanon has a very difficult hair color to pinpoint—depending on the source, it can either be dark blue or dark green! After scrutinizing over the color, I decided on Epic’s Pine Green because it closely resembled Kanon in-game hair color. The Dionysus is actually slightly short for Kanon, but I was so in love with the color that I couldn’t resist! Kanon’s hair is short in the back and long in the front, so I trimmed the back very short and used hair spray to give her long bangs some lift. Kanon is a costume I have wanted to do for many many years. Thank you Epic Cosplay for helping a dream cosplay come true!”
Photographer: ScifiAnimeHeroes, NaterPix, Konkon Cosplay

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