Show Us Your Moves: Lyliah Cosplays She Hulk!

Name: Lyliah
Style and ColorHestia in Forest Green (Forest Green has been replaced with Forest Green Mix)
Character: Jennifer Walters/She Hulk from Marvel Comics

“I actually pulled this one out of the package and it needed very little styling. Parting the bangs, a little hair spray and some fluffing to give it a little more bounce and it was ready to go! That’s one of the best things about Epic’s wigs, they’re beautiful quality and they’re incredibly user friendly! I’m no wig master, I can only style them in the most rudimentary ways, but even with my poor skills, Epic wigs always come out looking awesome. It took me a little bit to figure out this color too, but I think out of all the wigs I was looking at, this one is the most accurate. ”

Photographer: Smile Jade Photography

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