Creepy is so booo~red. You should come play <3

Frozen Cynder Cosplay

I wore this costume for the event Forest City Comicon 2018 in London, On, Canada. . Photos were taken by Hutton

House .

Creepy is an original character who was initially created last year as a joke to the head of my cosplay charity group (The legion of Doom Cosplay[0]=31.[892395227%2C%22intro_card%22%2C%7B%7D] ) . I like to do voice impressions for fun and one of the voices I do is a creepy little girl voice. Von Doom Cosplay ([0]=31.[526081673%2C%22intro_card%22%2C%7B%7D] ) finds this voice terrifying and has forbidden me from using it in his presence. So last year when I was schedule for several hours of volunteer work at our charity table with him I created a character that spoke EXCLUSIVELY in this creepy little girls voice…The Cosplay was so popular I decided to keep it! I upgraded the outfit and wig and at this point several of my other cosplayers have created characters to accompany Creepy.

Creepy’s backstory begins with Dollmaker. Dollmaker was a doctor and a scientist. She was desperate for children. So she BUILT one. She made a beautiful angelic faced Doll and then did everything to bring it to life as her precious little girl. As is often the case when creating unnatural life what animated Creepy’s lifeless form was Dark magic and Demonic energy. Creepy arose eternal hungry. She is not made of flesh so has no stomach to fill. Her hunger CAN NEVER be sated. Creepy loves “her mommy” more than anything and dollmaker will do anything to appease her sweet precious baby. Unfortunately Creepy becomes easily bored, she’s constantly seeking out new playmates no matter how often she’s scolded. “I had many, many friends and now they’re in many MANY pieces. so they won’t play no more 🙁 Won’t youuuuuu~ play with me <3?” Playmates are always eaten. So dollmakers husband who loves his wife, his love, his DearHeart and their unholy child cleans up Creepy’s messes. Constantly ‘tidying her toys’ (usually with a wood chipper).

This terrifying family  is forced to move from town to town to the next, staying one step ahead of the authorities and leaving a trail of death and despair in their wake. Creepy is so very lonely in her new home <3 Perhaps you’d like to come and play?~



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